Freight Mobility Developments in North Carolina

Have you ever wondered how the varied products of our global economy end up in your possession?  Even a cursory glance into your refrigerator, your closet, or your home office will reveal items grown, produced, and assembled all over the world.  As consumer demand for online purchasing expands and as many companies increasingly require same-day delivery to conduct their own business,  freight transportation becomes more … Continue reading Freight Mobility Developments in North Carolina

A Prescription for Planning

Drive through any town in the United States and you will likely notice that landscapes change from stately brick houses and white picket fences to depressed shotgun houses and chain link fences.   What you won’t notice?   As you drive toward the city center and home values decrease, a skyrocketing increase in heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure is taking place. In fact, … Continue reading A Prescription for Planning

Reclaiming the Historic Market Square

The restaurant industry is big, particularly in the growing cities of the Triangle region. Unfortunately, restaurant rents in a city like Raleigh are relatively high compared to a decade ago and continue to rise at a fast pace [1]. This creates a disparity in the types of food entrepreneurs that have the ability to enter the market. Typically, only those who have more prominence at … Continue reading Reclaiming the Historic Market Square

Can You Get There from Here?

Long-haul travel between small communities One of the lesser known benefits of living in a major city is that transport between that city and other major metropolitan areas is relatively easy. Not always cheap, but usually easy. Take traveling between Washington, D.C. and New York City: an online search reveals multiple bus companies such as Megabus and Greyhound, both the Amtrak Northeast Regional and Acela … Continue reading Can You Get There from Here?

Kay Blada Recycling: Tackling Infrastructure Problems in Haiti One Bottle at a Time

Living in the U.S., we don’t often imagine recycling to be a privilege. After meeting Johnson Desauguste, a Haitian immigrant living in the U.S., I’ve begun to see it that way. As a junior environmental science major at UNC, I’ve been involved in many environmental organizations, and had some exposure to urban planning. Somehow, meeting Johnson (or “Blada,” as his Haitian family calls him) has … Continue reading Kay Blada Recycling: Tackling Infrastructure Problems in Haiti One Bottle at a Time

Planning Procrastigaming

It’s mid-semester and assignments are piling up. Despite our best organizational tendencies, we planning students are only human. At some point in the work laden weeks, we choose Netflix over note-taking, PlayStation over policy briefs, or relaxation over research. The good news? There are plenty of procrastigaming options that can satisfy both your planning preferences and study break desires. The better news? As future planners, … Continue reading Planning Procrastigaming

Durham’s Mayoral Candidates Discuss Affordable Housing

“Affordable housing is [not just] an asset issue, it’s a people issue.” – Farad Ali In advance of Durham’s mayoral primary on October 10th, Clarion Content organized a series of themed forums, in which the mayoral candidates were given the opportunity to answer questions from interested citizens on a topic chosen in advance. The September 27th forum was the last forum to feature all three … Continue reading Durham’s Mayoral Candidates Discuss Affordable Housing