Transit Gets All the Flack When the Super Bowl Comes to Town

There are typical football games: large, crowded events with intoxicated tailgaters and truck advertisements galore. Then there is the Super Bowl: a high-security event attended by superstardom where the average ticket price runs in the thousands.1 This year’s Super Bowl, denoted by “LII”, is to be hosted in Minneapolis at the US Bank stadium on Sunday, February 4. It has also created logistical and publicity … Continue reading Transit Gets All the Flack When the Super Bowl Comes to Town

Using GIS to Visualize Displacement Risk in Durham

Every fall, groups of students in the Advanced GIS course at the University of North Carolina are tasked with creating a meaningful map using a variety of GIS-based tools acquired throughout the course. Inspired by recent city and county comprehensive plans and analyses, as well as rapid growth in nearby Durham, NC, one team of four UNC Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP) master’s … Continue reading Using GIS to Visualize Displacement Risk in Durham

Revisiting the Right to Housing

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently made headlines by declaring that “housing rights are human rights.” His statement came on the heels of the Liberal government’s unveiling of Canada’s National Housing Strategy, notable in its embrace of a rights-based approach to housing. Prior to last week’s announcement, Canada was the only major industrialized nation in the world to lack a nationally coordinated housing strategy.1 Canada’s … Continue reading Revisiting the Right to Housing

Got Green Space?

Planning for Preventative Health Urban green space provides a place to escape the concrete and steel of urban city centers, spend time in nature, connect with others, and get moving. As Americans become increasingly sedentary, a push towards funding and implementing green space as a means of increasing individual health has gained traction. Doctors now write green prescriptions for patients to go walk at their … Continue reading Got Green Space?

Freight Mobility Developments in North Carolina

Have you ever wondered how the varied products of our global economy end up in your possession?  Even a cursory glance into your refrigerator, your closet, or your home office will reveal items grown, produced, and assembled all over the world.  As consumer demand for online purchasing expands and as many companies increasingly require same-day delivery to conduct their own business,  freight transportation becomes more … Continue reading Freight Mobility Developments in North Carolina

How Hey Arnold inspired suburban millennials to dream about the city

Nickelodeon 90’s cartoons largely reflect the suburban world that much of its young audience grew up in. Think Spongebob’s Bikini Bottom, or the Rugrats’ California single-family residential neighborhood. One show, Hey Arnold, stands out from the rest, taking its viewers out of the suburbs for a trip downtown. Continue reading How Hey Arnold inspired suburban millennials to dream about the city

A Prescription for Planning

Drive through any town in the United States and you will likely notice that landscapes change from stately brick houses and white picket fences to depressed shotgun houses and chain link fences.   What you won’t notice?   As you drive toward the city center and home values decrease, a skyrocketing increase in heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure is taking place. In fact, … Continue reading A Prescription for Planning