Contribute to ∆NGLES: the CPJ Blog

The ∆NGLES team encourages all practicing planners, academics, students, faculty, and alumni to submit content to our new blog platform. We want to hear your unique perspectives, ideas, and research on the issues facing our rapidly urbanizing world. We are looking for interviews, short pieces, non-academic essays, profiles, photos, videos, and illustrations. Current students are particularly encouraged to submit abridged versions of academic assignments or research.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please send a blog pitch to We expect a two to three sentence synopsis of the post you plan to write. If your idea is selected for publication, we will be in touch and will work with you to produce and polish the final product.

Guidelines for Contributions

Contributors will be asked to submit materials using the following framework:

Your Information

  • Your full name
  • A short biography (2-3 sentences) describing your background, current work and areas of interest, and what you do with your time when you’re not engaged with your post’s topic.

The blog submission

  • Format: Any word processing document (i.e. a Google Doc, a Microsoft Word document) that contains your blog title and post as you would like it to appear. Please label this document with your last name and the title of your post. In parentheses, show us where your photos should be placed among the text. Include captions with proper attribution.
  • Images: Submit at least 2 high quality images of at least 72 ppi. You must own the rights for the images, or source them from a creative commons source.
  • Style: We want material geared toward a public audience; articles should be written in an accessible journalistic manner. Refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for any specific style or grammatical questions.

Editorial Process

The layout, style and finer details will be edited by our team once you have completed it. We reserve the right to make final decisions on material edits and inclusion prior to publication.


All content is published as Creative Commons, so if you wish to re-publish your work on other platforms, you are allowed to do so, but please notify us prior to the content being reproduced.