Editorial Board

Rachel Wexler

RACHEL WEXLER  |  Editor-in-Chief

Rachel Wexler is the co-editor of the Carolina Planning Journal and pursuing her master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. Her bachelor’s is in English from UC Berkeley; prior to beginning her master’s she worked as an editor, cook, and musician. Her academic work focuses on economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and placemaking. Her non-academic work focuses on playing in general and playing cello in particular. She also thinks frequently about Oakland, California and Berlin, Germany, both of which she calls home. These are also the urban spaces that brought her to this charming small town to study planning.


CARLY HOFFMANN | Editor-in-Chief

Carly Hoffmann is a co-editor of the Carolina Planning Journal and a first year master’s student in the Department of City and Regional Planning, focusing on housing and community development. Prior to UNC, she worked as a book editor for Amazon.com. Carly graduated from Columbia University in 2010 with a degree in Urban Studies.

Amanda Martin

AMANDA MARTIN, AICP  |  Senior Advisor

Amanda Martin, AICP, is a city planner and PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill.  Originally from Boston, she has lived and worked in Washington, D.C., northern Nevada, New Orleans, and Providence, Rhode Island.  Most recently, she was a Principal Planner with the State of Rhode Island’s Statewide Planning Program, where she managed social equity initiatives, climate change projects, and demographic analysis.  Amanda’s doctoral research explores how regions or neighborhoods that receive major private or public investment can share that prosperity with low-income communities and communities of color.  She is working on answering this question in the context of coastal communities’ recovery from major storms.  Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and a Master in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Chris Bendix

CHRIS BENDIX | Online Content Editor

Chris has a passion for seeking efficiency, equity, and sustainability in policy-making, especially at the nexus of transportation and real estate. A Seattle native, Chris earned a BA in Philosophy from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. He is a member of the CPJ Editorial Board and will graduate from DCRP in 2017 with a specializations in Housing and Community Development and Transportation.


KARLA JIMENEZ | Online Content Editor

Karla is a dual degree master’s student at UNC’s Department of City and Regional Planning and Department of Health Behavior. She found her interest in planning through her hobbies of filmmaking, food exploration, and critiquing services. Prior to UNC, Karla was a public health research analyst at RTI International and a radio producer at WNCU.


KATY LANG | Online Content Editor

Katy is a masters student in the Department of City & Regional Planning. She spent seven years in the Washington, DC area and as a result, she has a love-love relationship with DC’s Metro system and all things urban and transportation. She is passionate about pedestrian safety and the pedestrian’s right to the city and the street. Prior to coming to UNC, Katy worked in change management. She likes long runs on Carrboro’s short bike trails and eating popcorn.

Taylor McAdam

TAYLOR MCADAM | Co-Managing Editor of Online Content

Taylor is pursuing a master’s in City and Regional Planning, focusing on transportation and equity. She is a California native, excited for the chance to explore a new region of the country and a new set of planning challenges. A typical week includes a good game of basketball, many hours toying with maps and GIS, and an attempt at a new dish, ideally to be shared with friends. Writing is Taylor’s favorite way to work through new ideas and keep critical conversations afloat.


KATEY MOTE | Online Content Editor

Katey is a dual degree master’s student in the Department of City and Regional Planning and the Department of Health Policy and Management at the University of North Carolina. Katey is interested in the intersection of urban planning and public health, particularly the ways health and planning policies can impact our social determinants of health. Katey worked as the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Planning Coordinator at the Baltimore City Health Department before returning to North Carolina for graduate school. Katey graduated from UNC in 2012 with a degree in Health Policy and Management.

Brian Vaughn

BRIAN VAUGHN | Director of Undergraduate Content

Brian is a sophomore undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studied and wrote about planning and energy issues in Spain and Germany during the summer, returning to North Carolina with a renewed invigoration to explore and discuss these issues as online content editor of the Carolina Planning Journal. Brian also writes for the Daily Tar Heel’s opinion page, and works with the Sierra Student Coalition’s coal divestment campaign.

2 thoughts on “Editorial Board

  1. Hello! I am a transportation planner and a DCRP alum from 2005. I used to be one of the Carolina Planning Journal coeditors! I had an idea for you. Have you considered making your blog a group on LinkedIn? Increasingly the planners I know our subscribing to groups on LinkedIn, and reading articles there, and then sharing them with their LinkedIn contacts. I think that if the blog were set up this way, you would find many people adding your group to their profile, thereby expanding the reach of your blog. If you look at the LinkedIn groups on planning topics, you will see that they are numerous, encompassing sustainability, transit, affordable housing, etc. I would like to see Planetizen set up a group on LinkedIn, but they have not done so yet. Me know your thoughts!


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