Path to Peace: Road Building and Recovery in Afghanistan

While Americans are debating a Hyperloop, electric scooters, and ride-hailing services, some people are still just trying to access basic road infrastructure. Take Kunar, Afghanistan: located on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Kunar is a stronghold for the Taliban and the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), the Afghan branch of ISIS. Despite the ongoing violence in Kunar, the government has been unable to advance its counter-terrorism agenda … Continue reading Path to Peace: Road Building and Recovery in Afghanistan

Not All Developers Are Boogeymen

So why do people hate developers so much? UCLA conducted a study to examine just that, and their conclusion boils down to two primary reasons. First, developers generally get in and out of the market as quickly as possible to reduce risk, limiting their ability to engage with the community. Second, people do not like that developers make money by building public and private space … Continue reading Not All Developers Are Boogeymen

A utopian, sustainable N.C. city

Columbia, North Carolina: A Sustainable Example In April 2018, Viktor Agabekov wrote a fictional, first-person account of life in a utopian, sustainable North Carolina city of the future. Read his story below. As dawn rolls through the transparent solar panel of my bedroom window, I start another day in the historic downtown of Columbia, North Carolina. Once a tiny settlement with less than 900 people, … Continue reading A utopian, sustainable N.C. city

Astronaut. Athlete. Artist. Why not Urban Planner?

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is the definitive question of childhood, with the answers often changing…quickly. 2nd grade career aspirations went something like this: Monday, I’ll be a scientist; Tuesday, an artist; and by Friday, a professional soccer player. For many kids, the notion of urban planning as a career is never on the table—planning isn’t the most common … Continue reading Astronaut. Athlete. Artist. Why not Urban Planner?

Finding Your New Favorite Bike Route

Somewhere in the relief of cooler weather, the urgency of shortening days, and the beauty of the coming fall, is the drive to find a gradual slope and smooth descent. The only thing left to do is plan the ride. As a regular cyclist and a new North Carolinian, I looked through some of the tools I’ve previously used to plan new routes to see … Continue reading Finding Your New Favorite Bike Route

Planning Procrastigaming

It’s mid-semester and assignments are piling up. Despite our best organizational tendencies, we planning students are only human. At some point in the work laden weeks, we choose Netflix over note-taking, PlayStation over policy briefs, or relaxation over research. The good news? There are plenty of procrastigaming options that can satisfy both your planning preferences and study break desires. The better news? As future planners, … Continue reading Planning Procrastigaming

What Charlottesville Tells Us About Silent Sam

On Saturday August 12th, a white nationalist rally protesting the planned removal of a Confederate monument in Charlottesville dissolved into violence that left three dead and many injured. The circumstances that led to this tragedy bear an uncomfortable resemblance to events that took place less than two years ago at UNC, when Confederate heritage supporters rallied to defend Silent Sam. Then, as now, counter-protestors rallied … Continue reading What Charlottesville Tells Us About Silent Sam