A Planner’s Post Secret

The end of the school year–or end of anything, really–often brings reflection. Two years ago, when I was a prospective student of DCRP, the second-year student who picked from the airport confided in me during the thirty-minute ride their “planning secret shame”; the student did not personally want to live the life of urban density and was making plans to live on a ranch far, … Continue reading A Planner’s Post Secret

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Walt Disney, Planner?

This spring break I thought I was taking a break far away from the world of planning by spending a week at Disney World. However, I’ve come to learn you can never escape the influence of great planners. I was aware of the planned communities that Walt Disney had designed to house his employees, but I never knew that Disney dreamed of a greater plan … Continue reading Walt Disney, Planner?

Everything You’ll Learn from an Urban Design Competition

I was sitting on a Chicago Transit Authority bus, a fitting location to receive the news, when I learned that our team of Department of City and Regional Planning students won an honorable mention in the Urban Land Institute’s Urban Ideas Competition. Continue reading Everything You’ll Learn from an Urban Design Competition

Spring Break Reflections and Photos

The following is a sample of observations many of the DCRP Master’s students had during their spring break. We curated a sample from students who stayed around the Triangle to those who traveled internationally. Taylor McAdam I went to the transit museum in Brooklyn and learned about the history of New York’s subway system. There was a special exhibit on the construction of the new … Continue reading Spring Break Reflections and Photos

Virtual Reality Excites Again

I used to think virtual reality (VR) was a silly endeavor of the late 20th century. As a kid, I recall shooting at two-dimensional 32-bit flying aliens as the heavy headset kept sliding off my head. Even then, in the 1990s, I viewed VR as a sad excuse for a game experience. Gamers were better off avoiding the hassle of these clunky devices that did … Continue reading Virtual Reality Excites Again

Planners in Protest

Whether through attending protests, organizing community groups, or coordinating postcard-writing campaigns, the planning students of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of City and Regional Planning have refused to stay silent in response to the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants, people of color, women, and the low-income. Jason Rece, who is an assistant professor of City and Regional Planning at the Ohio State University, wrote in a post … Continue reading Planners in Protest

How This Year’s Best TV Show Matters to Southern Urbanists

A young man walks down a suburban street, and enters a storage facility. He opens his unit, lays down on the bed inside. He stares down at two $100 bills. He earned them by managing his cousin, an Atlanta rapper. This closing scene of FX’s Atlanta is emblematic of many of protagonist Earn’s struggles: hustling to earn an income, being homeless, being a provider to … Continue reading How This Year’s Best TV Show Matters to Southern Urbanists