Carolina Angles Launching its Winter Photo Contest

Do you have winter travel plans? Preparing for a holiday staycation? Either way, Carolina Angles invites you to participate in our Winter Photo Contest! We encourage UNC planning students, alumni, and all urban enthusiasts to enter. Photos will be judged based on aesthetics as well the articulated connection to planning. The photographer of the winning photo will receive: Pre-order of Volume 44 of the Carolina … Continue reading Carolina Angles Launching its Winter Photo Contest

New Urbanist Memes for Transit-Oriented Teens

In 2016, a small group urban planning enthusiasts from across North America formed a Facebook group to provide for the dearth of urbanist memes of the internet. From humble beginnings, the New Urbanist Memes for Transit Oriented Teens (NUMTOT) group has grown to over 40,000 members from around the world. From posts seeking transit-oriented recommendations to philosophical debates about planning’s most complex issues, the group … Continue reading New Urbanist Memes for Transit-Oriented Teens

Latin American Gentrification: The Case of Santiago

Gentrification: a word we hear every day in discussions concerning planning in the United States, particularly around central city revitalization, real estate development, housing, economic development, and the list goes on. It generally involves two elements: The movement of high-income groups into urban areas where they have greater resources to pay for land and housing when compared to existing residents. An increase in land values, … Continue reading Latin American Gentrification: The Case of Santiago

Best Masters Project, 2015

Each year the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning bestows the Best Masters Project Award to a graduating Masters student. Mikey Goralnik was the 2015 recipient of the award. Below is an excerpt of his Masters Project titled “Resource Resiliency: preparing rural America for an uncertain climatic future through community design and ecosystem service provision.” A link to his entire project is provided at the … Continue reading Best Masters Project, 2015

12 Takeaways from TRB

Back in January, most of the UNC Planning students specializing in transportation made their annual pilgrimage to Washington, DC, to attend the Transportation Research Board conference. Here are a few of the highlights that we wanted to share: It turns out that sharrows might make roads less safe for bikes.  2. There’s still no consensus about exactly why people are moving back to cities at … Continue reading 12 Takeaways from TRB

Eight Fun Planning Terms

Inspired by UNC DCRP students. Texas Donut What you want it to be: What it actually is:    Charrette It’s just a lovely word to say out loud.  Go on, say it, charrette.      Desire lines Also known as desire paths   Megalopolis A chain of urbanized regions where Snuffaluffagus hangs out   Hedonic regression Revealed preferences for mom’s mac and cheese   Road diet High … Continue reading Eight Fun Planning Terms

Carolina Graduate Student Organizations Win American Planning Association Award

Planners’ Forum and Carolina Planning Journal, two student-led organizations in the Department of City and Regional Planning at The University of North Carolina, were recently named joint recipients of the American Planning Association (APA) Outstanding Planning Student Organization Award for 2016. The APA Student Representatives Council (SRC) Executive Committee designed this awards program to, as stated on the APA website: promote students’ volunteer involvement in their … Continue reading Carolina Graduate Student Organizations Win American Planning Association Award

A Place for Silent Sam

Forty feet tall, dulled from age, the statue of a uniformed young man strides forward from his stone plinth. His face is resolute. He carries a rifle held with two hands, at the ready, though he carries no ammunition box on his belt. In brass relief on his granite base, the same young man sits with a book open in his hands. A tall, robed … Continue reading A Place for Silent Sam