Series: Planning for 36 Hours in Dallas, TX 

Planner’s Travel Series 

About the series: Welcome to our ongoing travel series. These are all posts written by planning students and professionals about what to do in a given city when looking for Brunch, a Brew, or a good idea on a Budget. To cap it all off, we include a fun planning fact!

By Daniel Liu

About the visit: After recently graduating, I moved from the Research Triangle Area in NC to Dallas. Historically known as the place where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, there is a museum and plaza dedicated to him. Dallas itself has a population of 1.29 million but most people refer to the overall area with our neighboring city, Fort Worth, as DFW. There are many great food spots and you can find almost anything (aside from Uniqlo sadly) within a 20 minute driving distance.


The Lowkey Poke Joint + Ssong’s Hotdog and R&B Tea.  

My favorite place to grab lunch is at The Lowkey Poke Joint. The restaurant has a great selection and you can even get your poke in a burrito form! In the same area is a great bubble tea shop I often pair with my lunch. My favorite is their stormy series, which is a blended ice drink with cheese cream. In addition, this R&B location also sells Korean hotdogs! 


La La Land Kind Cafe.

I don’t drink much coffee (I’m team tea) but this place was a great cafe with a meaningful mission! The cafe hires foster youths and provides guidance in its program to help the youths learn new skills and decide on what they could be passionate about. On its website, the cafe quotes: 

We set out to bring La La Land to life. A place where you walk in and feel a true sense of joy for life. A place where you are loved for who you are. A place that brings together all human beings. A place where kindness is priority.” 

As a bonus, the cafe even has a great outside area, where you can work while enjoying their delicious matcha series!



The Japanese “Dollar Store” chain has a wide variety of stationeries, home goods, and snacks. A majority of the items in the store are $1.75, with the most expensive usually being around $5. Even with cheap selections from Walmart and Amazon, Daiso products are still lower priced, with better quality.

Fun Planning Fact

Klyde Warren Park.   

I visited downtown recently and it really stood out to me. This 5-acre park above the eight-line freeway was designed to create a unique green space in an urban area. The deck is supported by 300 steel beams above the highway beneath it. Concrete slabs span the spaces connecting to the bottoms of the beams and form trenches, which act as plant boxes, allowing the trees to grow within the desired size. This park connects uptown residences to the art district and downtown businesses. Walking around the park, I felt very relaxed amidst the city rush!

Featured Image: Nighttime picture of downtown Dallas from Reunion Tower. Photo Credit: Daniel Liu.

Daniel Liu is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in the Department of Information Science. He is a UX Designer and Researcher based in Dallas. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and watching dramas/anime.

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