Coming Soon: CPJ’s 45th Edition, “Hazards in the Southeastern US”

Update: In response to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, we will no longer be holding our semi-annual Launch Party this Spring. However, you can subscribe for a mail order of the 45th Volume here by Friday, April 17th.

Given a costly and devastating year for natural disasters, particularly in the Southeastern US, how can planners prepare for natural hazards in the near and distant future?

The topic is timely for North Carolinians following recent major hurricanes Florence and Dorian. Not to mention the national dialogue about the effects of climate change. The 45th edition of the Carolina Planning Journal, titled Hazards in the Southeastern US, addresses the question presented above from our “Call for Papers.” Featured authors from many different sectors and regions of the US grapple with issues of resiliency, collaboration, and equity within the realm of natural hazards.

Articles cover a lot of ground in terms of both geography and topics. They present case studies from North Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico to illustrate successes in coastal resiliency, intergovernmental and inter-agency collaboration, and environmental justice. Authors also evaluate existing hazards mitigation plans and financing models in the face of climate change to make recommendations for municipalities and individuals. Ultimately, this issue of the Carolina Planning Journal acknowledges what different groups are currently doing well and what they could improve to prepare for natural hazard events. Ultimately, we all have a lot to learn.

Additionally, the new issue will include reviews of up-and-coming planning literature and an update from the Department of City and Regional Planning.

The 45th issue will be available for purchase through our website and at our semi-annual Launch Party at Steel String in late April. For more information, contact us at