Greenwashing Alert: Where’s the Three Zeros Plan, UNC?

I made a plan to strike for the climate on the steps of South Building where senior administrators make decisions that directly determine UNC’s environmental impact. I would call for the public release of a comprehensive, actionable Three Zeros Plan that explains in detail how the University will achieve its widely publicized and highly celebrated goals. Continue reading Greenwashing Alert: Where’s the Three Zeros Plan, UNC?

Undergrads analyze UNC spaces

As part of the Community Design and Green Architecture (ENEC 420) course with Eric Thomas, the Project Manager and Lead Designer at Development Finance Initiative, undergraduate UNC students evaluated public space. Using video and behavior mapping techniques, students evaluated how different local spaces are used, or not, at different times of the day and on different days. They noted weather and other factors that would … Continue reading Undergrads analyze UNC spaces