Introducing Our New Editors

The Carolina Planning Journal (CPJ) and ∆NGLES are excited to announce the editors for the 2021-2022 school year: Pierce Holloway and Emma Vinella-Brusher. Read on to learn more about them.

PIERCE HOLLOWAY | Editor-in-Chief, Carolina Planning Journal

Pierce Holloway is a second-year master’s student at the Department of City and Regional Planning with a focus on Climate Change Adaptation. Before coming to Chapel Hill he worked as a geospatial analyst for Urban3, working on visualizing economic productivity of communities and states. Through his coursework he hopes to explore the nexus between adaptation for climate change and community equitability. In his free time, he enjoys long bike rides, trail running, and any excuse to play outside. This summer Pierce will be working for the NASA Develop program, leading a team of analysts investigating the risks which Urban Heat Island effect poses to communities in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

EMMA VINELLA-BRUSHER | Managing Editor, Angles

Emma Vinella-Brusher is a second-year dual degree Master’s student in City and Regional Planning and Public Health interested in equity, mobility, and food security. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, she received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Carleton College before spending four years at the U.S. Department of Transportation in Cambridge, MA. In her free time, Emma enjoys running, bike rides, live music, and laughing at her own jokes. This summer Emma will be working for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) on their low-income fare pilot program to evaluate whether discounted transit can improve mobility and overall well-being for low-income DC residents.

Please also join us in giving a huge thank you and congratulations to our outgoing editors Will Curran-Groome and Siobhan Nelson. Both have graduated with a Master of City and Regional Planning, and we are excited to see the amazing things they do next!

Bio photo - Will Curran-Groome

Post by Emma Vinella-Brusher, Angles Managing Editor

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