An Ode to Planners without Bicycles

A Poem by a Bikeless Planning Student

First day of classes
For Planning masters students
No space on bike rack!

Typical planners
Riding bicycle to class
Is it required?

Cyclists everywhere!
Zooming along in their lanes
Cycling heaven

The transpo students
Love their bicycles a lot
They even build them

Studying is hard
But can do work on the bus
Transit advantage

Though I love walking
Do I buy bike to fit in?
The pressure is on

Then one day in class
I meet a kindred spirit
A planner, no bike!

“Did you bike to class?”
Because planners often do
“No?? I’m just like you!”

Our alliance is
Planners Without Bicycles
Few and far between

But planners unite
In transit, walking, and yes,
Cycling — in being green.

Featured Image: Bicycle locked up to bike rack. Photo Credit: Creative Commons.

About the Author: Katy is a Masters student in the Department of City & Regional Planning specializing in transportation and land use. She spent seven years in the Washington, DC area and as a result, she has a love-love relationship with DC’s Metrorail and all things urban. She is passionate about pedestrian safety and the pedestrian’s right to the city and the street. Prior to coming to UNC, Katy worked in change management. She likes long runs on Carrboro’s short bike trails and eating popcorn.