Eight Fun Planning Terms

Inspired by UNC DCRP students.

  1. Texas Donut

What you want it to be:

Image courtesy of Live Love Texas

What it actually is:

Image Courtesy of Old Urbanist
  1.    Charrette

It’s just a lovely word to say out loud.  Go on, say it, charrette.


  1.    Desire lines

Also known as desire paths

Image courtesy of HoolaWhoop


  1. Megalopolis

A chain of urbanized regions where Snuffaluffagus hangs out


  1. Hedonic regression

Revealed preferences for mom’s mac and cheese


  1. Road diet

High fiber and low-car(b).


  1.  D.I.N.K. & S.I.N.K.

D.I.N.K Double income, no kids

S.I.N.K. Really just another word for single

  1. Entitlement community

For every rural region that believes the big cities get all the funding and attention, this term is for you

Readers: what is your favorite planning term?

Feature Image: “MIT open-source planning software,” Courtesy of Fast Company

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