Announcing March Mapness

While the country goes crazy over historic rivalries, cinderella stories, and buzzer beaters, we here at Angles are also getting pumped up about geocoding, a tasteful compass rose, and killer spatial data. That’s right, in addition to worshiping basketball (Go Heels!) we are taking this mad month to celebrate MAPS!

Send us your favorite map. This could be a map you made, a printed map you have in your house, a digital interactive map…the options are wide open. Depending on what we receive, we may make a couple different award categories.

This is a friendly competition open to all of our readers. To participate please send the following to

  1. A high quality picture of your map (could be a screenshot if interactive).
  2. A URL if the map is digital.
  3. A citation if the map is not of your own creation.
  4. A few sentences about why you think the map deserves to be in the tournament.

Deadline is March 31. Winners to be announced the first week of April.

Featured Image: College Basketball Map. Photo Credit: