The Hawker Center

Many Americans got their first big glimpse into Singaporean culture via the 2018 rom-com Crazy Rich Asians, which is set in the small Southeast Asian country often associated with finance and food. The film primarily focuses on the gilded world of Singapore‚Äôs super-rich, but also highlights one of the most democratizing urban places on the planet and a unique cultural and urban planning product of … Continue reading The Hawker Center

Carolina Angles Launching its Winter Photo Contest

Do you have winter travel plans? Preparing for a holiday staycation? Either way, Carolina Angles invites you to participate in our Winter Photo Contest! We encourage UNC planning students, alumni, and all urban enthusiasts to enter. Photos will be judged based on aesthetics as well the articulated connection to planning. The photographer of the winning photo will receive: Pre-order of Volume 44 of the Carolina … Continue reading Carolina Angles Launching its Winter Photo Contest